A tailor-made product suits everyone.

So we can create a unique logo for you, prepare catalogues and corporate presentations, design a functional game, user application or a website. To make you truly unmissable, we will draw a mascot and a set of custom pictograms.


The marketing workload on our shoulders.

No more wasting your time promoting the company or a product. You place an order and we will deliver the finished job on the agreed date. That's it, as simple as that. All the process of research, implementation, communication with subcontractors, logistics and shipping is up to us.


Make sure your advertising holds water.

We will set up the ideal sequence and continuity of your marketing investments. We will support your product's visibility in the marketplace, enable your corporate brand to stand out above the competition, or help you to win an election in case of your political ambitions.

who we are

About us

Graphical Design & Marketing

PROMOTEUM is a continuous continuation of the business of its founder Dalibor Dobrovsky. Everything good has remained! We still pride ourselves on a personal approach to each project, we try to save you the invested money and time as much as possible with our work, and the finished job is only when you are satisfied. You know this, 24 years of experience in the market shows. Since 2011 we have opened up to the world and started to actively work with clients in Austria, Germany, Balkan countries, UK, USA, Spain and Sweden.

But on top of that, we add the great skills of our external team of professionals. This allows us to produce complete company marketing materials, well programmed and design-balanced software, TV commercials or video presentations, as well as interesting animations.

We work with top suppliers and manufacturers, so we can prepare a truly comfortable advertising full service - from a thorough analysis of the marketing plan through graphic design, to the final delivery of prints, textiles, electronic solutions, or the organization of a promotional event.

We are each unique, what works for one may be completely useless to another. So let's talk, let's act, let's communicate to find the right marketing solution for you.

what we do

Our Services

Every game, app, website, e-shop, or software must be engaging and user-friendly. We combine these conditions ingeniously, create a functional skeleton of the application and then dress it up nicely.
A company is a unique entity, so it must also have its own unique design. We will develop an efficient logo and tune up the overall corporate visual identity. You will become unmistakable – and that’s what this is all about.
Be unique! A mascot, an illustrated product manual, a corporate comics or a custom set of pictograms and icons will make a great corporate identity.
Spend time on your business and life, leave the advertising and marketing to us. We provide a complete advertising full service from design to delivery of final prints, textiles or website.
Advertise? Put up billboards? Hand out candy or broadcast on TV instead? We will design, develop and manage your entire advertising campaign, helping you choose the ideal marketing options.
The product sells the packaging – this is a truth proven countless times. We will create a unique packaging design for your goods so that customers flock to the shelf like bees to a flower.
Get your presentation moving! We can create smart animations for games, commercials or music videos. And let’s face it, you can’t go wrong with an animated video tutorial. All by us – from the screenplay to the end credits.
It is important for a politician to have something to say and to be able to talk. Our job then is to procure enough ears to listen. We will find the ideal way to reach potential voters, win them over and keep them.
Reach out to your clients, colleagues and suppliers in an unconventional way – host them. We can organize a company party, product presentation, or even an educational seminar or congress.

It’s time to shine

Together, let’s show the world that your place is in the spotlight!


We are proud to work for any of our clients.
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